Since 1926

Family Owned

 and Operated

Consigli Stone Creations/Newburyport Memorials
is a true family business

My name is Peter Consigli. My family  and I have been involved in the monument industry since 1926, when my grandfather, John Etzo Consigli, founded the business. However, he only lived for 2 more years. The stone dust from working in the trade got into his lungs and he passed away in 1929. My Uncle, Raymond, took over the business, and my father, Edward joined the business after serving in the Navy. Over the years, my older brother, Jack, then myself worked for my dad and uncle. In 1990, my uncle passed away.

In 1990, my mother Muriel started helping out with the bookkeeping, and later on, with the customers. As time passed, we began to expand our product line by installing custom granite and marble countertops, as well as landscaping needs such as granite steps, benches and mailbox posts.

In the late 1990's, my sister's son's, Robbie & Joshua Marshall and my brother's son, Joe Consigli, soon joined the business and were able to spend time with my dad and myself. We both felt blessed to have extra time with the kids and got to know them better. They worked and were able to save for college.

In the 2000's, my daughter Kali and three sons, Matt, Jeff & John worked at our shop. It has been both fun and challenging to work with the kids. They may tell you differently.

We lost my dad, Edward Consigli, in 2004. He was a good soul, had a quick wit, and was a great man to be around. Being in a family business, I have had past customers come in to tell me what a great guy he was. Those remembrances are blessings for me.

Currently, my brother-in-law Bruce Marshall, and Bill Papoulias help me out. There are no better people to work with.


Our customers value our craftsmanship and patience. We will work with you to ensure your every question and that your needs are met. We will help you choose the memorial that is right for you.

Newburyport Memorial Art Company ~ Consigli Stone Creations

Family Owned and Operated for Over Three Generations